I took in the Louisville Bats game last night at Victory Field. Biggest dissapointment was I didn’t get to see Jay Bruce play last night. The three guys I really wanted to see were Bruce, Votto, and Maloney. I knew in advance that I wouldn’t see Maloney, since Santos started. Santos pitched well and even knocked a run in with a 2B at the plate.

Votto was 1 for 4 and started in LF. He really did not look too good at the plate last night, and saw very little action in LF.

Here is Votto out in LF.

Joey Votto in LF

Here is Votto at the plate.

Joey Votto at the plate

Buck Coats had a decent game with a couple of hits and made a real nice catch banging into the wall in right center to rob Brad Eldred of a 2B.

Here is Coats out in CF.

Ben Coats in CF

Todd Coffey came on in the seventh after Brad Salmon got into trouble with the bases loaded and one out. He allowed one run on a sacrifice fly and then totally shutdown the Indians the rest of way going 2.2 IP. He threw about 80 percent breaking pitches in the 83-86 MPH range. You could tell he was really working on the breaking stuff. His fastball was popping 94-95 and he struck out two batters with high heat after a steady diet of the mid eighties breaking stuff.

Here is Coffey on the mound.

Todd Coffey on the mound

As always, it was a great evening at the ballyard.