We are hard on the writers who cover the Reds (usually justifiably), just as you guys are hard on us when we say dumb stuff. Today, however, I want to give kudos to the DDN’s Hal McCoy, who says something here that you don’t usually see in Cincinnati-area papers or hear on the radio:

Q It appears they will let Adam Dunn go after the season. I guess they could try to negotiate a multi-year contract, but the media will spare the team criticism if they let him go and that makes letting him go easy, doesn’t it? — Mike, Dayton

A Last time I checked I was still with the media, and if they let Dunn go I wouldn’t spare the criticism. Sure, he frustrates with his strikeouts and his defensive gaffes, then he hits a game-winning home run to beat the Braves. As I say over and over and over, where do you find somebody who hits 40 home runs, drives in a 100, scores 100 and walks 100 times? Here’s a guarantee: If they trade him, they’ll regret it.