How is everyone feeling about this season? Anyone still care? Still paying attention?

I’ve been really busy this summer, planning a move from San Diego to Ohio, but this team has just defeated me. Even in the worst Reds seasons, there has always been something positive – a young star, an exciting find, or hope for the future. This year, I can’t even remember them having a good stretch that lasted longer than 4-5 days.

Other possible causes for my malaise:

  • Josh Hamilton’s injuries. Hamilton’s been the best story, and close to the best player on the Reds. But he hasn’t been on the field in a month, which leaves us with…
  • Norris Hopper. A decent enough 5th OF, and a guy who, at least statistically, is about the best Reds OF since Mike Cameron and before that, Eddie Milner. I can’t get excited about Hopper’s “emergence” (85 OPS+ at age 28), and I just get annoyed at the nonsense guys like Hopper bring out in the MSM and Joe Sweatsock. (“He should be playing instead of Dunn.”)
  • Jeff Keppinger. See Hopper, Norris. Nice bench player, but is not going to SLG .542 over a full season.
  • Brandon Phillips. I really, really like what he brings to the table. I’m also troubled and annoyed by his .317 OBP and propensity to swing at everything. But mostly, I’m just really, really confused by the conventional wisdom that says BP is the best player on the team, and is the only position player who should be considered “untouchable.” Again, .317 OBP.
  • Trade Rumors. The Reds only storyline this summer was is “who’s going where, and what do we get back?” Then Krivsky fails to trade anyone but Kyle Lohse, blueballing the fans on even that pathetic issue.
  • Krivsky. I could probably live with even his dumber moves, if the guy ever gave me
    some reason – any reason to believe there’s a plan. His Wall of Silence act is getting very old, though, and making it really hard to have faith in the guy. Some people are quiet because they’re wise, sage, and keeping their own counsel. Other people are quiet because they’re morons and they want to keep it a secret.

What am I forgetting? Or better, what positive storylines am I forgetting? Besides Aaron Harang. That dude is just awesome, and is owed about 48 times more credit than he gets.