Is Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky’s job in jeopardy?

On Wednesday, owner/chief executive officer Bob Castellini said that it wasn’t.

“No. He’s done a good job overall,” Castellini said from the Reds dugout during an afternoon rain shower. “He’s trying real hard. We’re all trying hard.”

I would really question the “good job overall” comment. This was a borderline playoff team last year (albeit in a weak division), now it’s battling not to be the worst team in the NL.

You can point to a couple of good acquisitions (Phillips, Arroyo, maybe Ross) and the pickup of Hamilton. But there are tons of questionable or downright bad moves also. And the jury is definitely still out on his first two drafts.

I understand all the talk about giving a GM time for his plan to work, but does anyone not think this team has regressed since Krivsky took over? Does anyone believe this team is closer to challenging for a championship than it was a year and a half ago?

But then again, Krivsky said Narron’s job was in no danger also…right up until they fired him. So, you never know.