Trent Rosecrans has a man-crush on Jeff Keppinger. He should probably disclose that they are both University of Georgia grads.

I really like Keppinger. I’ve been advocating him for a roster spot over stiffs like Juan Castro for a while (others have, as well). Keppinger can give us three or four years of really good bench play, spot-starting a couple of times a week, and filling in around the infield.

But again, like in the case of Norris Hopper, let’s not be fooled into thinking Keppinger is more than he is based on a few weeks of hot play. He’s never done anything to make anyone believe that he’s capable of being a starter/good hitter on the major league level.

That isn’t intended to be a slam on Jeff Keppinger. I want Keppinger to be a Red for the foreseeable future. As a bench guy, he’s very capable, and he’s the type of guy who can fill in on short notice, and you won’t feel like you are getting killed (like you feel when Juan Castro or Pedro Lopez are playing). He’ll get on base a little bit, he will be alright in the field. He’s a good little player, and the type of player that good teams need.

But he’s not a world-beater, as Rosecrans wants us to believe. He’ll crash back to earth at some point, but he’ll still be the type of player I want to see on the Cincinnati roster. I just don’t want to see him in the starting lineup on a regular basis over more talented players.