Since it’s an off-day, I just wanted to take another moment to congratulate the Redleg Nation Players of the Month for July, especially Dayton 1B Logan Parker, who has been kind enough to correspond with RN over the course of this season as one of our Spotlight Players.

Parker had a rough start to the 2007 season, but he has been a class act the entire way, and now his numbers are beginning to reflect the talent he clearly possesses. We certainly congratulate Logan, and we look forward to following as his career progresses. We hope to have a few thoughts about this season from Logan soon.

As you know, Redleg Nation picks a Major League Player of the Month, and a Minor League hitter and pitcher of the month by a vote of our editors each month. We try to keep up with what’s happening throughout the entire Reds organization every day, and we like the POTM award as a way to highlight the best performances up and down the system.

Here are the past winners:

Major League Player of the Month
April 2007: Josh Hamilton
May 2007: Ken Griffey, Jr.
June 2007: Ken Griffey, Jr.
July 2007: Bronson Arroyo

Minor League Hitter and Pitcher of the Month
April 2007: Chris Valaika, Daryl Thompson, Phil Dumatrait
May 2007: Joey Votto and Sean Watson
June 2007: Craig Tatum and Johnny Cueto
July 2007: Logan Parker and Ben Jukich