I don’t have a big problem with the Reds’ lack of activity around the trading deadline. The Lohse trade was good enough, and though I hoped to see GM Wayne Krivsky trade Jeff Conine and/or Scott Hatteberg, there’s no point in just giving those guys away for nothing. If Krivsky didn’t get a good offer, well, he can still trade those guys (there’s no reason to believe they wouldn’t clear waivers and, thus, be trade-bait once again).

On the other hand, I’m not happy at all that Joey Votto is sitting at AAA while the Reds use guys with an average age of 40.5 at first base.

This is part of the problem I have with the administration of this team. Scott Hatteberg and Jeff Conine have been fine contributors to the Reds; Hatteberg especially has been outstanding in his two years with the team. They are each model citizens and seem to be all-around good guys. But neither of them are going to be around the next time the Reds contend for a championship.

Joey Votto just might be the 1B on the next good Reds team. Why, then, are they allowing him to waste half a season in AAA when he could be up here in Cincinnati getting some major league ABs in a lost season for the Reds? What is the downside to bringing him up now? He can’t make the team worse, and getting some at-bats against major league pitching might help Votto progress a little quicker.

I’ve been much more patient than most when it comes to the clear lack of direction for this team. Playing forty year old guys in a lost season like this, however, is unforgivable. It’s evidence of a serious lack of long-term foresight. Why not take the opportunity to get a young guy some experience and allow him to adjust to the majors without pressure?

Or maybe Wayne Krivsky is just trying to save his job instead of doing what is best for the future of the Reds. You decide.

Free Joey Votto.