This is the final year for the historic Cobb Field in Billings, Montana. The city is in the process of building a new facility next to the current park for the 2008 season. This being the last go around for the stadium, the 2007 Mustangs are doing their best to send it out on with a positive note. We have been able to rattle off 10 home wins in our last 11 games. Our pitching has finally returned to early season form and the addition of Kevyn Feiner, Brett Bartles, and Todd Frazier (2007 1st Round) have sparked the offense. Great additions often come with big losses as it did last night with the news that left-fielder Kel Jones had been promoted to Dayton. I wish him the best; his speed and ability make him a fun guy to watch play.

The performance of third baseman Brandon Waring (2007 7th Round) and pitcher Joseph Krebs (2007 14th Round) did not go unnoticed as they won Pioneer League Player and Pitcher of the Week, respectively. With our strong push of late, we were able to finish the first half at 20-17 and took 2 of 3 from Great Falls to start the second half. During our streak, I was able to record my first professional win, going four innings, allowing one run, and striking out four against the Missoula Osprey.

We just got off the bus, which left this morning at 7:30 am, in Missoula for another three game set. Josh Ravin will be on the mound for us and I will be his scheduled reliever. The last time we were here a fairly large mountain was clearly visible from our hotel room. However, with the recent forest fires, the smoke has greatly decreased the visibility. It is kind of an eerie to know how close the fires are. Other than that, all is well on the frontier. Go ‘Stangs!