Well, the Enquirer actually let John Fay publish a little more on his “theory” that we discussed here at Redleg Nation yesterday. It’s no less insane than at first blush. If Fay is correct, and GM Wayne Krivsky is ignoring opportunities to make the Reds better just so Pete Mackanin can get the full-time managerial job, then Krivsky is the biggest idiot baseball has seen in years.

Frankly, I just can’t imagine Krivsky doing something like that. Some of you don’t care for Krivsky, I know, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt here. I don’t think he’s the biggest idiot baseball has seen in years. I think he’s an average (at best) GM, but he’s a bright guy. Plus, if he’s going to screw the Reds long-term, he should be doing it to try to save his own job in the short-term, not the interim manager’s job. 🙂

Fay, on the other hand, has gone off his rocker with this “theory.” Unless his purpose was just to stir the pot and create discussion. He’s accomplished that goal. Although the theory makes no logical sense whatsoever.