John Fay has a theory about the Reds and the trading deadline:

Anyway, my theory, which I’ll explore further in my Sunday Reds Insider, is that the Reds won’t do a lot at the trade deadline. I think they’ll trade Kyle Lohse and maybe Scott Hatteberg and/or Jeff Conine. Why? This is simply my theory, but I think Wayne Krivsky wants to give Mackanin an opportunity to get the permanent job.

If the Reds trade Adam Dunn, David Weathers and Bronson Arroyo for prospects, it would be difficult to continue to play as well as they have under Mackanin. By the way, the way the Reds are playing .636 baseball under Mackanin. If they play that well the rest of the way, they’d finish 81-81. That’s the magic number (or numbers) for Mackanin to get the job in my opinion.

That makes no sense whatsoever. I mean, I don’t mind if Mackanin really does end up being the best candidate for the Reds job; I want the Reds to hire whomever that is, and if it’s Mackanin, fine.

But why in the world would Krivsky stack the deck for him, rather than doing what is best for the Reds? For Krivsky to act in a manner consistent with Fay’s theory, he’d have to put the hiring of Mackanin ahead of the best interests of the Cincinnati Reds. Even those of you who think Krivsky is a moron have to concede that the man thinks he is doing what is best for the team.

I look forward to seeing further explanation from Fay because, on its face, this theory is a bit nutty.