I made the trek to Cincy to watch the Reds and Brewers on Wed. and Thurs. Here are a few observations and some pictures.

The big news Wednesday night was the injury to Pedro Lopez. It was pretty gruesome, hope he gets better real soon.

Pedro Lopez Being Tended To

Pedro Lopez Being Carted Off

I’ve always been a big fan of the Reds players actually having red legs. Apparently Trent Rosecran agrees.

Looks like Freel is going with the high socks tonight. Hopefully that spreads. Keppinger is currently the only member of the high sock crew — well, and now Freel. It just looks so much better. Johnny Estrada was rockin’ the full, real stirrups for the Brewers and it looks so god. Much better than the baggy pajama pants look.

Freel and Keppinger Sporting Redlegs

I was quite pleased to see Brandon Phillips at SS for inning. Too bad it took Lopez’ injury to see our new manager do the smart thing. Lohse looked good until the 5th, hope there was lots of scouts there. Nice to see the Reds win.

Thursday was very overcast and muggy. Here is how the Reds lined them up.

Thursday's Lineup

It was nice to see Griffey have a big day after the 0 for 5 he took on Wednesday. Smacked number 588 early in the game.

Riverboat Deck and Griffey's Updated Homerun Count

I enjoyed visiting the Reds HOF before the game, the beer was cold, and Reds won two in a row over the first place Brewers. Couldn’t have been a better trip.