From McCoy’s Q&A today:

Q Can Jeff Keppinger unseat Edwin Encarnacion at third base? Luke, Sophia, W.Va.
A Unseat? Don’t you mean put Encarnacion into a seat in the dugout? I don’t see Keppinger as an everyday player. He is good at moving around — two starts at third, one at second, one at third. Just once wouldn’t you like to see Encarnacion smile or act as if something excites him that isn’t green with Benjamin Franklin’s picture on it?

I’ve actually seen Rosecrans address this issue, and say that while EE is “all business” on the field, he has a great time with his teammates and is well-liked in the clubhouse. So why does McCoy go out of his way to paint him as the next Barry Bonds? First Brantley goes after Coffey, now this. (For what it’s worth, McCoy’s exactly right about Keppinger – he should’ve stopped there).