First, everyone should be reading Joe Posnanski of the Kansas City Star on a daily basis.  He’s easily the best baseball writer (and blogger) working today.

His latest column looks at baseball’s growing emphasis on fastball speed (I hate the word “veloicity”), and reliance on radar guns.  Poz rattles off several hard-throwing flops who cycled through the Royals system since the ’94 strike – most of them also passed through Cincinnati. 

It’s an interesting read, with all the talk about the Reds “needing hard throwers for the bullpen.”  (That talk always struck me as a little funny, since David Weathers has been the only effective guy down there). 

One other interesting point:  In a hope to decrease reliance on pure speed and reduce distractions/temptations to young pitchers, the Royals have “banned” radar guns at their rookie leauge clubs this summer.  No radar readings until after the season.