A National League scout has been gracious enough to share some brief scouting reports on 5 of the Reds 2005 draftees. Here are his toughts on Todd Frazier (1st round, Supplemental):  
SS Todd Frazier (1-S Rutgers) is a large-type infielder, but is agile for his size. His bat will be his calling card where he has shown power with aluminum featuring excellent bat speed, a fluid swing, and plate discipline.  

There are some holes in his swing, which will certainly suppress his batting average and could possibly make his power non-usable. I think he will have to alter his swing (shorten swing path) if he’s going to hit good minor league pitching. He was able to steal bases in college despite below average speed using good instincts. Defensively, I have a hard time believing he’ll stay at SS. He has the arm strength and hands, but just doesn’t have the range due to his size. 3B or RF is more likely, but his bat will have to play up to survive at those positions in the Majors.