Looks like Bobby Livingston will be sticking around:

Livingston can rest easy for the next couple of days – he’s penciled in to start Saturday’s game in Florida. If he does well then, he could make his Great American Ball Park debut on July 24 against the Milwaukee Brewers. Although Livingston is in his third stint with the Reds, he’s only spent a single day in the clubhouse at Great American Ball Park.

“I can only speak for myself, but he’s certainly earned (a right to stay up),” Mackanin said. “They’ve got some good right-handed batters in their lineup and he made some of them look bad. You don’t see that often. I was impressed.”

I don’t have a problem with Livingston making another start. He’s a decent back of the rotation prospect, and he’s still young. Plus, the guy can hit.

My problem is that we’re seeing my prediction come to pass: they’re going to leave Homer Bailey in AAA indefinitely. Which makes no sense whatsoever. They told us that they were just sending Bailey down for the All-Star break, so he could keep on his schedule. Most of us had an idea that that was not quite true. Looks like we may have been correct.