From this morning’s Enquirer:

Josh Hamilton’s wrist injury seemed relatively minor when he first suffered it — the Reds waited five days before putting him on the disabled list.

But it is beginning to sound serious.

Hamilton’s sprained right wrist was examined Monday by hand specialist Dr. Andrew Markiewitz, who confirmed the original diagnosis of a sprain.


Hamilton is eligible to come off the disabled list July 23 – the day the team returns from the 11-day, 11-game road trip.

But that’s obviously not going to happen because the wrist will still be in the immobilization cast until at least July 27.

I’m very concerned about this. Krivsky and Mackanin are both saying they’re only doing what the doctors say, etc; but this doesn’t sound good. It’d be a huge shame if Hamilton’s dream season is curtailed by a serious injury.