From CBS Sportsline:

This team is making the Washington Nationals look like World Series contenders. The manager has been fired, Adam Dunn is on the trading block, Ken Griffey Jr. might be, there isn’t enough pitching, Bronson Arroyo has been a big disappointment, Eric Milton a bust, the bullpen is in shambles, prospect Homer Bailey might need to be demoted … hmmm, let’s see. Any positives here? Yes: Outfielder Josh Hamilton remains the comeback story of the year, and the Reds made a very wise decision in dropping the black and again making red the predominant color in their uniforms. Otherwise, when do the Bengals start again? GM Wayne Krivsky was a genius a year ago for making a flurry of moves that kept the Reds competitive, but this summer has made one thing clear: Those were cosmetic changes that only kept the more serious flaws hidden. There are a whole lot of needs here, and making it more difficult is the fact that the ballpark is so hitter-friendly. Cincinnati pitchers could get chewed up there for years to come.

I don’t believe they’ll trade Griffey. His going for 600 will be the only thing selling tickets the rest of the season. Eric Milton’s been a bust since signing a contract, so he shouldn’t count against this team.

I don’t remember anyone (well, maybe ONE) calling Krivsky a genius…and I don’t remember him making moves that “kept them competitive”. The Arroyo, Phillips & Ross deals were part of why they got off to a good start. The Trade and all the subsequent deals looking for BP help didn’t improve the club much (Guardado and Schoeneweis gave them 14 good innings each, but otherwise?).

I’ve said it here and elsewhere. If Bob Castellini is serious about these results being unacceptable, then there is no way that Wayne Krivsky keeps his job. How do you fire Jerry Narron and keep Krivsky? You can make the argument that Krivsky’s only been here 1 1/2 years, but has the big league club gone in a positive or negative direction in his tenure?