A National League scout has been gracious enough to share some brief scouting reports on 5 of the Reds 2005 draftees. We’ll post his reports on the following draftees later:

-Devin Mesaraco (1st round)

-Todd Frazier (1st round, supp)

-Kyle Lotzkar (1st round, supp)

-Zach Cozart (2nd round)

Here are his toughts on Harris Honeycutt (10th round):

RHP Harris Honeycutt (10 South Carolina) is a low upside pitcher, but should do well in the lower minors due to his style of pitching and poise. He throws four pitches for strikes (85-90 MPH fastball, change, slider, and curveball) with his change being his best pitch. He repeats an unorthodox delivery which gives his pitches deception. While he throws strikes, his command within the strike zone will need to improve as none of his pitches will survive in the middle of the hitting zone. His athleticism helps him to repeat his delivery, but I just don’t like the stressful arm action, which keeps me from predicting long-term success.