Looks like Bronson Arroyo and Kyle Lohse are switching spots in the rotation, so to speak:

The Reds moved Arroyo’s start up a day, from Saturday to Friday against the Cardinals, to keep him on an every-fifth-day schedule. Lohse and his 3-10 record were backed up to Saturday.

“I’m anxious to go out there because I’m finally feeling good, the way I want to feel,” Arroyo said. “I felt real sore after my last outing, and that’s good. When I have real good stuff, I’m always sore afterwards. When I don’t have good stuff, I could throw 100 innings in a row.”

And Lohse?

“I just do what I’m told. Pitch when I’m told. No story there,” he said.

Manager Jerry Narron ducked the issue of whether Lohse’s recent struggles played into the move and said merely said, “Bronson threw well the other day (in Seattle), and we’re just getting him back on his fifth day.”