Louisville 12, Pawtuckett 7

27 year-old Jeff Bannon went 4 for 4 with a BB, 2B, and 6 RBI.  He is hitting .313/.365/.395

Chattanooga 10, Huntsville 0

20 year-old Jay Bruce is proving that he is having lots of trouble adjusting to AA pitching.  Bruce, whose age says he should still be playing in Billings, struck out once in 6 plate appearances.  Wayne Krivsky said “see look how bad he looked on that swing, he clearly isn’t ready for the next level.”  In his other ABs he hit a double, 2 HRs, and 5 RBI.  One NL Scout was heard saying “his butt is way to low to be able to hit in the majors.”

Sarasota 12, Vero Beach 10

22 year-old Danny Dorn went 3 for 5 with a 2B and 4 RBI.  Dorn, who skipped a level, is hitting .262/.341/.441.

23 year-old Michael Griffin went 4 for 6 with 2 2B, 3 R, and 3 RBI.  Griffin is hitting .317/.346/.446

South Bend 7, Dayton 3

22 year-old, DOTF Favorite, Logan Parker went 1 for 4 with a 2B.  He is hitting .267/.357/.347.

Billings 1, Great Falls 0

22 year-old Robert Rhoden pitched 4 innings giving up just a BB while striking out 3.  In 7 innings at Billings he has given up a H, 2 BB, and 0 ER, while recording 8 Ks.  THIS is exactly the type of player that should be sent DIRECTLY to Dayton after being drafted.  He will be 23 in December, he played at a very competitive D1 School (Vanderbilt).  I know he wasn’t drafted until the 22nd round, but I would think you would want to determine what you have, let him play against people his age.