Joe Sheehan at Baseball Prospectus has an article today (subscription) about the Orioles’ firing of Sam Perlozzo. Joe’s point is about how bad teams tend to fire managers in mid-season, and it’s typically a sign of poor management.

I had a whole post written about this article, set to be posted this evening. I agreed with Sheehan’s point, which is that unless you’re hiring Jack McKeon, there’s no advantage to firing a manager mid-season and picking from the other schmucks assembled in the same coaches’ office.

But then there was the ninth inning of today’s game. Jerry Narron pinch hit Juan Castro for Josh Hamilton.

Yes, he did.

As Trent Rosecrans live-blogged, “that’s like C. Montgomery Burns putting Homer in for Darryl Strawberry in Homer at the Bat.”

Narron “explained himself” after the game:

Two outs, nobody on, trying to get a right-handed hitter up there, Castro is 1-for-1 lifetime against him.

Good Lord. That 1-for-1, by the way, was a double in 2000. Yes, Jerry Narron is making decisions based on a 1-plate-appearance sample from the Clinton administration!

That just might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard a manager admit to (yes, perhaps dumber than this). He benches Hamilton, implicity commenting on the rookie’s ability, and voluntarily put his hopes in the hands of the guy with the .195 OBP.

Like I said, I had written a whole post about patience, reasoned decision-making, and waiting until the off-season to find a good manager. But for the first time, I’m just about to call for Narron’s firing.