I haven’t seen it reported anywhere, but our man on the ground in Sarasota — Redleg Nation editor Bill — reports that uber-prospect Jay Bruce has been promoted to AA Chattanooga.

No word on other promotions, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more before the day is over.

Congrats to Jay, as he is one step closer to Cincinnati now. To pass the time, why don’t you read the interview Bruce conducted with Redleg Nation last year?

UPDATE: Just spoke with Bill down in Sarasota. It is confirmed that Bruce has been promoted; he’s packing his bags.

Also, sources advise that there will be “several others” promoted, as well, but those players haven’t been told about their promotions yet, so the Reds aren’t going to release those names until later. We’ll let you know as soon as we find out.

To engage in a little speculation — and this is just my best guess — I would have to think that P Sean Watson, SS Chris Valaika, and 2B Justin Turner are overdue to be promoted from Dayton.

There are rumors around a couple of other players, as well, and whether they might be promoted at this time: last year’s number one pick Drew Stubbs and 19-year-old 3B Juan Francisco. I don’t know that Stubbs is playing well enough to merit a promotion, but he is a college guy, so they may want to challenge him.

Francisco, on the other hand, could probably benefit from another half-year at Dayton. His defense needs work, according to reports, but he’s progressing well — incredibly well, at his age — at the plate, so a move to Sarasota might be good for him.

(For what it’s worth, I’m not sure I see anyone else at Sarasota that merits a promotion, other than the possible exceptions of Johnny Cueto and Adam Rosales.)

We’ll have more, as information becomes available. I’m looking forward to seeing how some of these players respond to a higher level.