As promised, here are a few photos from my trip to Yankee Stadium this afternoon. As discussed in the Camden Yards post, I haven’t visited too many ballparks and Yankee Stadium was my first visit to one of the old parks. When I say old, I mean old entry gates, narrow aisles, steep upper seating, and crammed concession areas. Nevertheless, for what Yankee Stadium lacked in modern luxuries, it made up for it in aura (thanks Bill), energy, and excitement. The crowd was into the game nonstop (including what seemed to be millions of teenage girls cheering for Jeter and A-Rod.)

Here are a few photos.

The House that Ruth Built

Bought these tickets the day they went on sale and this was the best we could get!

But thank goodness I have a great zoom on my camera!

Of course for all the good things about the experience, there were some negatives. When one guy decided to watch the game in Red Sox attire, the fans let him know how they felt about it. The worst however was the one fan who chose to display his displeasure with the fact that the concession stand ran out of pretzels. He decided to drop a few foul words loud enough for 1/2 the stadium to hear him. Not good when you are in attendance with a 3 year old and a 6 year old.

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