On Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend the Colorado Rockies versus Baltimore Orioles game at Camden Yards. It was my second trip to Camden Yards. After my first trip, I felt Camden Yards was the best Major League ballpark I had ever attended. However, after my most recent trip, I feel as though GABP is better. Camden Yards has its perks: i.e. the Warehouse, the exterior facing in all brick, and the concessions outside the ballpark. But I feel as though the view from inside GABP is nicer than that offered at Camden. Judge for yourself with these photos.

A view of the warehouse from my seat.

Exterior of the ballpark near right field entrance.

View of the main entrance to the ballpark.

I am posting this from my hotel room in Manhattan. Tomorrow afternoon I will be making my first trip to Yankee Stadium to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks take on the New York Yankees. I’ll attempt to post some photos of that game later on this week as well as a few more from Camden Yards.