Eric Milton is having season-ending Tommy John surgery:

Team medical director Dr. Tim Kremchek is scheduled to perform the Tommy John procedure on Milton’s elbow on Friday, Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky said.

Since signing a three-year, $25.5 million free agent contract with the Reds on Dec. 27, 2004, Milton has produced disastrous results. In the 66 starts after he inked that deal, the 31-year-old was 16-27 with a 5.83 ERA. In 2005, he allowed a club-record and National League-leading 40 home runs.

In 2006, Milton had two stints on the DL — including one for a sore elbow that required arthroscopic surgery on Sept. 22.

Redleg Nation certainly wishes Milton the best in his surgery and recovery. We regret that he was injured so seriously, and we hope everything goes well for him. Heck, we hope he recovers fully and signs a contract to pitch for another team.

That said, no one here at Redleg Nation Worldwide Headquarters is losing any sleep over the fact that Eric Milton will never again throw a pitch for the Cincinnati Reds. His entire tenure with the franchise has been a complete, unmitigated disaster. As a pitcher, Milton will not be missed.

Dan O’Brien is no longer the General Manager for this team. If I were an owner of another franchise, I’d never consider hiring someone who thought it was a good idea to toss more than $25 million dollars at Eric Milton. I don’t think anyone — other than O’Brien — ever thought that contract was a good idea.

The future of the Cincinnati Reds organization is a brighter one today.