If you read the DOTF enough, you know that I am frustrated with the Reds for not promoting their College age prospects soon enough. I actually took the time to look it up, and guess what, there are facts in them-there observations.

Last year there were 14 College age draftees in the first round. Brad Lincoln from the Pittsburgh Pirates is on the DL. Of the 13 remaining players, 3 are in the Majors, 0 at AAA, 4 at AA, and 5 at A+. Only one College draftee from that first round is in Low A: the Cincinnati Reds’ Drew Stubbs.

Drafting College players is the low risk way to do the June Draft. If you aren’t going to put the players at age appropriate levels, the “strategy” fails. I hope there is a plan that I am missing and these college players like Stubbs, Valaika, Watson, and Turner skip a level at some point to start playing at the proper level. Otherwise they are WASTING draft picks on these college players.

Team Pick AGE Name Level
Rockies 2 21 Greg Reynolds AA
Devil Rays 3 21 Evan Longoria AA
Pirates 4 21 Brad Lincoln DL
Mariners 5 22 Brandon Morrow Majors
Tigers 6 22 Andrew Miller Majors
Reds 8 22 Drew Stubbs LOW A
Giants 10 21 Tim Linecum Majors
D’Backs 11 22 Max Scherzer A+
Cubs 13 21 Tyler Colvin A+
Padres 17 22 Matthew Antonelli A+
Marlins 19 22 Brett Sinkbeil A+
Yankees 21 22 Ian Kennedy AA
Red Sox 28 22 Daniel Bard AA
White Sox 29 22 Kyle McCulloch A+
Cardinals 30 21 Adam Ottavino A+