Evidently, the concussion suffered by Ryan Freel was pretty serious:

If the Reds’ Ryan Freel were a professional football player, he wouldn’t be any longer.

His playing days would be over. The outfielder/infielder said Friday he has had at least “six or seven” concussions that he knows of, and probably another couple he doesn’t remember because they happened when he was so young.

“It’s probably nine or 10 I’ve had,” he said. “But nothing like this. I’d bounce back in a few days, miss four or five days, but never had the lingering effects like this. I had some dizziness and some headaches, but not like I’m having now. This is totally different.” …

Freel can’t remember running or reaching for the ball. All he remembers is looking up as he lay on the turf and seeing people looking at him.

“And I remember wondering, ‘What is going on?’ … That’s when it occurred to me I’d probably just had another concussion.”

He said he also remembers being transported by ambulance to the hospital. CT scans and MRIs on his head and neck at Good Samaritan Hospital were normal. He was released from the hospital the next day.

Freel hasn’t been cleared for physical activity, and Doc Kremchek says he’s slowly improving, but it’s not clear when — or if — Freel will be able to play baseball again. Let’s hope he gets better soon.

UPDATE: CTR has a story on this, as well.