As you might imagine, Homer Bailey is the talk of the Reds blogosphere and the print media this morning. Bailey showed flashes last night of what we can expect from him, but he was also a little wild. Overall, it was a good first appearance, and there is much to look forward to with this kid.

I have some concerns about the way the Reds are going to treat him, as well. I was in favor of bringing Bailey to the majors, but that was predicated on the notion that the Reds would treat him cautiously, as they had at every level in the minors. Then Jerry Narron goes and lets him throw 114 pitches last night, and now I’m concerned. We’ll be monitoring that situation carefully (I’d hate to see Narron pull a Dusty Baker on this young arm, especially with nothing on the line in this otherwise lost season).

Anyway, here’s a roundup of all the Homer Bailey chatter….

— Jeff on Homer: Stat Sheet Stuffer.

— At the Church of Baseball, more proof that God is a baseball fan.

Red Hot Mama tells us what wearing Bailey’s number says about you. I just bought my son a jersey with his favorite player’s name and number on it (#3) for his birthday, for what it’s worth.

— The Reds Rocket says it was a nice win.

— This is from yesterday, but John Erardi had an outstanding profile of Homer in the Enquirer.

— CTR on Homer, Sweet Homer.

— Also in the Post, Josh Katzowitz on the game.

— Kyle Nagel says the Indians were impressed with Homer’s debut.

John Fay says the waiting ends and the winning begins.

— The Enquirer has a pretty good photo gallery from last night’s game.

— With every pitch, Bailey won ’em over, says Erardi.

— Mark Sheldon on the debut.

— Hal McCoy says Bailey showed his resolve.

What a night.