…and here we are.

Tonight is the most anticipated Reds game in seven years, probably. I can’t remember who is pitching, but people seem excited about it.

Discuss the game here, and Reds fans who are stuck at dance recitals with their 5 year old daughters would appreciate as much play by play as you can give in the comments below.


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  1. Brian

    The lineups
    Sizemore CF
    Blake 3b
    Hafner 1b
    Martinez C
    Nixon RF
    Dellucci LF
    Barfield 2b
    Rouse SS
    Lee P

  2. Brian

    Hopper CF
    Phillips 2b
    Junior RF
    Conine 1b
    Encarnacion 3b
    Dunn LF
    Gonzalez SS
    Ross C
    Homer Bailey P

  3. Brandon

    I learned in Tee ball to hit the cutoff man.

  4. Jeff Gentil

    But this is why the reports said he wasn’t ready. Isn’t going deep enough into games and throws too many balls. It’ll come though

  5. Dae

    Ridiculous to let Bailey throw 114 pitches. Just sick. Those in the 5th were very high leverage pitches too.
    All that for a W on a team that sucks.

  6. Jeff Gentil

    OK next question: with Homer likely to stay up, and Belisle, Lohse, Arroyo, and Harang also likely to stick in the rotation, what do you do with Milton? BESIDES release him because that’s not going to happen…I don’t think

  7. Jeff Gentil

    What if Pete Rose came out with something big that day? Do you think Selig would embrace Rose or Bonds first?

  8. Jeff Gentil

    When was the last time the Reds won a laugher? Seriously, every win of late has been a nail-biter

  9. Justin

    I am home late from work. Happy and pleased to see the Good Guys winning. Bailey in line to win. Congrats to Broken Shoulder, ERA under 10.

  10. Jeff Gentil

    Yes, Justin…the Reds are currently on the Smiling Side of the Scoreboard! So says Mr. Grande

  11. Justin

    Conine hit a double. Looks like old man Stanton in line for the decision.

  12. Justin

    that would be classic. I do like Broken Shoulder…I hope he and Fractured Finger get fully fit soon.

  13. Chad

    I just got home…in time to see Weathers give up a leadoff homer in the ninth.

    I’ll watch this inning, then watch from the beginning on Tivo.

  14. Chad

    So, what’s the consensus? How did the kid look in his first start?

    I haven’t seen any stats or anything.

  15. Justin

    Oldest Man in ball park 2 IP 1H 2K is that possibly correct????

  16. Randy

    Homer looks like Christian Bale with a mullet.

  17. Justin

    Fractured Finger is in Extended Spring Training and soon to be with Sarasota.

  18. Justin

    Called strike 3 and teh Storm is over nicer Weathers is on its way. This one belongs to the Reds!!!!!!

  19. Chad

    Nice. I’m looking forward to watching this one on Tivo.

  20. Justin

    I am pleased with the effort tonite. Lopez I am convinced woiuld not have had the effort. Gonzo is better any way that is besides the point…. I am pleased to see our Vets get the act cleaned up and take one from Cleveland. Indians like Cavs cant handle the pressure. Series tied at 2 Broken Shoulder the most important Hold of the evening. And for the record I like Gary Medjeski. If he were British he would be Lord Broken Shoulder.

  21. Randy

    Oh good grief, someone ruined the moment by overrating Alex Gonzalez. Has Jerry Narron already logged on tonight?

  22. Justin

    I have faith in 2 pitchers now….Harang notwithstanding. Homer and Matt Besilse. I like him.

  23. Justin

    Dame Broken Shoulder i like of the Circus…he still has that Goatee going right. His ERA is under 10 now. That is what matters most.

  24. Jeff Gentil

    Saw a pump by Narron and a BIG display of emotion by Weathers. Nice to see for a change

  25. Chad

    Junior continues to hit well, doesn’t he? If he can only stay healthy….

  26. Jeff Gentil

    BTW…Homer’s next outing will come against the Angels, am I right? Go get ’em, kid

  27. Chad

    In honor of the draft this week, I’d love to see the Reds put it to Sowers.

  28. Chad

    Just starting to watch the game on Tivo, and Homer doesn’t look nervous at all as he’s being introduced. Cool as a cucumber.

  29. Chad

    I think that’s the first Paris Hilton reference at Redleg Nation. Outstanding.

  30. Chad

    Strikes out his first batter. On a slider that got up in the zone.

    I take it that’s gonna be a theme tonight; control issues with off-speed pitches.

  31. Chad

    I don’t like to hear about anyone blasting the judge. Especially since I am a judge in my day job.

    And I was a prosecuting attorney in a past life.

  32. ChicagoRedsFan

    Homers lift Homer to Win!

    how’s that for a headline?

  33. Chad

    Lame play by Dunn and Hopper in the OF to score the first run for the Indians.

  34. Chad

    I like Brandon Phillips. If he’d learn any patience at the plate, he’d be an outstanding player.

    My almost-3-year-old son saw BP trotting around the bases a couple of days ago, and now he tries to run like Phillips. “I’m running’ round the bases!”

  35. Chad

    Yeah, it was bad, Jeff.

    But Hopper can do no wrong in the manager’s eyes, evidently.

  36. Jeff Gentil

    True…I’d like to see Hamilton get shot at a lefty tomorrow night. Like to see someone hit one in the river off Sowers

  37. Chad

    Homer, Junior, Josh Hamilton…not a bad collection of first round picks. Two of them #1 overall. And Dunn a second-rounder.

    Where was Hopper drafted?

  38. Chad

    Hopper was drafted in the 8th round in 1998, by KC. Just checked.

  39. Chad

    Glad to hear that about the judge, I guess. What I’ve read here in this thread is really almost all that I know about that case, though. Can’t say I’ve followed it.

    But everyone wants to ask me what I would have done if Paris had been in my courtroom on these charges.

  40. Jeff Gentil

    Yeah, but Phillips and Hopper are completely different. Phillips shouldn’t ever see the bench. Hopper should

  41. Jeff Gentil

    OH my GOD I just saw the Braves’ minor league manager going nuts for the first time. How awesome is that?????

  42. Chad

    Catch up with me, DA, and we can watch the replay together.

    I agree with your general statement, Jeff, but BP DOES need a break occasionally. He’s good, but Narron thinks he’s better than he actually is.

    That’s why he’s always batting third; BP might be good, but he isn’t this team’s best hitter, as Narron seems to think he is.

  43. Chad

    Yeah, that Braves manager is a nut. The grenade toss cracked me up.

  44. Jeff Gentil

    He may not have the most power, but he does hit the ball hard the most consistently. I like Griff in the 3 hole right now

  45. Ben

    I’d like to see Narron get a little excited like that sometime. It just isn’t him, though. He’s laid-back.

  46. Chad

    BP does hit the ball hard…and I’m not trying to criticize him. He’s a good player, and I love watching him play.

    But he isn’t the best hitter on the team. The 3rd hitter is usually a team’s best bat. Narron thinks that it’s Phillips, but it’s not.

  47. Chad

    Just watched Homer’s first AB. He looked good at the plate.

  48. Chad

    Yeah, Junior’s really locked in. I’ve enjoyed watching him this year as much as I’ve enjoyed in a few years. He really looks like he’s playing in a higher league sometimes.

  49. Chad

    He has “mound presence.”

    I don’t really know what that means, but Bailey has it. He acts like he knows what he’s doing out there, and he acts like he knows he’s better than whomever he’s pitching to.

  50. Randy

    My grandmother is a better hitter than Juan Castro.

  51. Chad

    I missed earlier where Chris compared Bailey to Mitch Cramer from the movie Dazed and Confused.

    I still think he looks like Christian Bale, but that’s an inspired submission by Chris. It made me laugh out loud when I remembered Mitch pitching in Little League in that movie.

    Maybe Dunn will be chasing him later with a paddle.

  52. Chad

    I thought the same thing, DA. I was watching to see if he had a motion that screamed future arm problems.

    Bailey seems very polished for his age.

  53. Chad

    Yeah, I just saw him hit a homer to put the Reds ahead.

    He’s okay if used in situations set up for him to succeed. At his age, you can’t lean on him too much. In a platoon situation, however, he still has some value. I have no problem with what he’s brought to the Reds this year.

  54. Chad

    I would have loved to be in the park during that inning. What energy.