Right now in our system John Sickels says we have two ‘A’ Prospects. ‘A’ Prospects have a high likelihood of making significant contributions to the major league team. One of those prospects is Homer Bailey, who is making his major league debut tonight. The other guy on that exclusive list is Jay Bruce.

Sickels’ gives Jay Bruce an A- rating after he put up these numbers at Dayton as a 19 year-old outfielder:

AVG. .291, OBA .355, SLG .516 OPS .871

So that is what an A- prospect looks like as a 19 year old at Dayton.

Juan Francisco, a 6’2″ 180 lb, Dominican 3rd baseman is ALSO 19 years old and playing at Dayton this year. His numbers so far:

AVG. .279, OBA .331 SLG .491 OPS .822.

Juan’s numbers aren’t quite up to Jay’s lofty standards, but they are pretty close…a hot streak or two, and we might just have another ‘A’ prospect next year.