I don’t usually like to bump the game thread (go here to comment on today’s game vs. the Rox), but this is big news in Redleg Nation. It’s semi-official now: Homer Bailey will be making his major league debut on Saturday against the Indians.

Is anyone not excited?

I think it’s an outstanding move. Some people say he’s not ready. To that, I say: nonsense. Yes, his walk rate is a little high in AAA, but why keep him down there when he can get major league experience right now? The Reds are playing for nothing, so why not let Bailey get some low-pressure big league starts to begin his career.

If he comes up and has an ERA of 4.50 for the rest of the year, I say “GREAT.” That would be better than we’d get out of the fifth spot in the rotation otherwise.

This is going to be an unfair comparison, but note that Greg Maddux came up as a 20-year-old with Chicago. His ERA that year was 5.52. The next year, he pitched the entire season for the Cubs; his ERA was 5.61. The following season, it was 3.18, and the rest is history.

As long as the Reds don’t abuse his arm up here, Bailey is as likely to progress in Cincinnati as much as he would in Louisville, and maybe (probably?) more. The kid has to learn to get major league hitters out sometime. Now is the time to get started.

This is the best Reds pitching prospect of my lifetime. I’m ready for Act I.