Pictures from Sunday afternoon’s game against the Pirates. Pictures of pre-game on-field activity (and otherwise) here and here.

Once again, most photos are below the fold, so click through to see them all.

Adam Dunn homers
Adam Dunn watches his first homer leave the yard.

That wacky Mr. Redlegs
That wacky Mr. Redlegs! What’s he doing with that water gun?

Victor Santos
Victor Santos.

More pictures below…

Edwin Encarnacion
Edwin Encarnacion.

Adam Dunn
Adam Dunn.

Billy Hatcher and Adam Dunn
Billy Hatcher and Adam Dunn.

Ken Griffey, Jr.
Ken Griffey, Jr.

Edwin Encarnacion
Edwin Encarnacion.

Edwin Encarnacion rounding the bases
Edwin Encarnacion rounding the bases after his home run.

Adam Dunn gets full extension
Adam Dunn gets full extension.

Alex Gonzalez and Adam Dunn
Alex Gonzalez congratulates Adam Dunn.

Ryan Freel, preparing to steal...or get picked off
Ryan Freel, preparing to steal…or get picked off.