OK, my review of the weekend will definitely be topped by Chad’s later today. (Just look at the teaser below) Nevertheless, I can say I enjoyed another weekend in the Queen City. The last time I visited Cincinnati the Reds went 2-0, taking two from the very same Pirates. This time, things were different. The temperature was hotter, but the Reds were far, far colder.

I had the same concerns going up this weekend as Chad. Why endure the 4 hour drive with the wife and kid to watch a losing team? When you get as deep into the Reds as many of us do, you question your devotion to watching the team, especially live when it involves a long road trip and hundreds of dollars. But on my way I realized something. My 3 year old son is oblivious to the fact that the Reds stink right now. Even after the two losses this weekend, my son is still clueless that we lost. All he talks about is the homeruns, the fireworks, the “charge!” chants, and the fact that Junior and Adam Dunn play for the “Go Reds” (at least for the time being).

So despite how bad things get for us diehard fans, my son still enjoys watching the Go Reds and I’ll continue to visit the ol’ ballyard. Let’s just hope that when I visit Camden Yards and Yankee Stadium later this month with my family, he won’t start pulling for Derek Jeter or Miguel Tejada. He’s trained right now to hate the Yankees, even referring to them as the Boo Yankees. If he changes teams on me, I’ll start watching soccer!