Dear Mr. Castellini,

I’m traveling to Cincinnati today. I’m springing for a hotel room, four tickets to tonight’s game and four tickets to tomorrow’s game. I’ll pay for parking, gasoline, and a probable king’s ransom in cotton candy, peanuts, popcorn, and drinks. My wife and I will be spending almost eight hours over two days in a mini-van with two children, ages five and two, for one reason…to watch the Cincinnati Reds, the team I love and will always love.

Meanwhile, the product that the Reds are putting on the field is a disgrace to loyal fans like me. I almost cannot believe that I’m willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for the “privilege” of watching the team with the worst record in the major leagues.

Mr. Castellini, if you are reading this, I hope you are as embarrassed by what’s going on as most Reds fans are. I have a feeling that you are. You need to know that there are still fans like me who are going to support the team through good times and bad, even if we can barely remember the good times because this franchise has been losing for so long. We’re going to be there, spending our hard-earned dollars to support the team…and we would hope to see that loyalty be rewarded by the utmost effort from you guys who are running the show.

By and large, the Redleg Nation has faith in you, Mr. Castellini, because we’ve seen that you care about this franchise. I hope you agree that the current state of the team isn’t acceptable.

So, I’ll be there at GAB tomorrow, wearing my Reds cap with my kids — the next generation of Reds fans — in tow. I hope I’m not wasting my time and money.


P.S.: (On that note, if you wanted to arrange for my kids to meet Adam Dunn or Ken Griffey, that would help to make the trip worth our time. You can find my email address here; I’ll be checking from the road. 🙂 )