One of Redleg Nation‘s “Spotlight Players“, Bo Lanier, has left the Sarasota Reds and is at home considering retirement.

Bo thanked RN for its support of his career and of him and we at RN hope that Bo makes the best decision for himself and for his future. We appreciate the time and cooperation he was always willing to give us.

I had met Bo in person twice, spoke with him on the phone a handful of times, and emailed with him regularly and there have been few people that I’ve known in my entire life that were as friendly, cooperative, and accomodating as Bo was in his relationship with RN. He is an open and honest person and I personally wish him nothing but great success in his future endeavors, whatever they may be. I have no doubt he’ll be successful in whatever ends up being his “life’s work.”

Also, Bo was kind enough to put us in contact with another Reds minor leaguer who will hopefully be joining the “Spotlight Player” list in a few weeks.