Check out the quote from Gary Majewski in this post.

Frankly, I’d be fine if he’d do that. Color me skeptical, though.

Speaking of the bullpen, I completely understand why the transactions went like this, but with the general cruddiness of the Reds’ relief corps, I’m frustrated that Brad Salmon was sent to AAA while Mike Stanton and his 8+ ERA were kept with the team. Believe me, I understand the financial issues here…it’s just frustrating that one of the few pitchers who had been decent (albeit in a short stint) is now pitching for Louisville.

As for GM Wayne Krivsky, if you’ve been a longtime reader of Redleg Nation, you know that I’m not a big Krivsky basher. I have questioned some of his moves, and I was very critical of “The Trade,” but on the whole, I have been trying to give him time (and he’s made some very good moves, as well). I think almost any GM deserves time to get things on the right track.

However, when you’re looking at Krivsky’s judgment, and whether he’s capable of fixing this bullpen (especially when it comes to talent evaluation), you have to question the two multi-year contracts that he gave out to Rheal Cormier and Mike Stanton. Both guys are clearly at the end of their road, and you have to wonder if either of those moves made any sense at all.

Thoughts? Are any of the rest of you struggling with a desire to remain optimistic in the face of what has been, simply, bad baseball?