JD has this to say about 3B Edwin Encarnacion’s recent demotion to AAA:

Wayne Krivsky acts like a cornered animal once the first pitch is thrown on Opening Day. The guy doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing when baseball is actually being played, and he’s really pretty overrated when it comes to offseason moves. Fans of the guy can crow all they want (justifiably I’ll admit) about Bronson Arroyo and Josh Hamilton, but Krivsky hasn’t brought one decent reliever to town since he started. That is pathetic. And that’s what everyone should be focused on right now. But instead we get a demoted Edwin Encarnacion, as if that’s going to solve any of the Reds problems.

I’ll actually give the average Reds fan credit on this one. I don’t think they’re going to be buying what Krivsky is selling this time around. Not with all the booing I’ve been hearing lately every time a reliever implodes. If the Reds struggle on this west coast trip, as they usually do, Cincinnati is going to start thinking football awfully damn early this year. But at least the Reds are teaching Edwin Encarnacion a lesson. Or something.

Or something.