How long until Wayne Krivsky trades Edwin Encarnacion?

I’m sure Billy Beane would love to have a player who put up an 832 OPS in the big leagues at age 23 and a 936 OPS in AAA at age 22.

This is a guy who should be one of the cornerstones of this franchise’s turnaround, yet he’s been jerked around by the current administration so much that it’s only natural to wonder if he fits in their plans. Yes, he’s been bad this season…in 100 ABs. Is that enough time to have given up on him? And does anyone in their right mind think that, by the end of the season, Ryan Freel will have better batting numbers than Encarnacion? And does anyone think that Freel will play better defense at third.

I don’t.

I wonder whether Oakland has any mediocre middle relievers they are willing to trade…?