John Sickels has a post entitled “Making Sense of Josh Hamilton.” I’d love to see someone explain to me how this has worked out.

the thing that stands out is the platoon difference in his BB/K/AB ratio. As long as the Reds limit his exposure to lefthanded pitching, I think he should be able to remain effective. My guess is that he’ll settle into the .240-.250 range with good power as the season progresses.

Considering that he is coming to the majors with only 23 games of experience above A-ball and several years of rust on his resume, this is remarkable performance….

It’s a remarkable story, like something out of a movie, and I have no idea how the story ends.

They’re doing a community projection for Hamilton, so pop over and check it out – or add your own projection. Through midnight PDT, I think the numbers have been too conservative – 18 HRs? That’s only 12 more over 5 months.