This is one sporting event about which I just can’t understand the hype. Who cares?

I like college football (I have season tickets for my alma mater‘s football games), but I just can’t get into the draft. I’ve barely been able to listen to ESPN Radio over the last couple of weeks because Mel Kiper and that bunch are ever present.

I will say that the top two picks were the two best players I saw play over the last couple of years. I saw Calvin Johnson play in person a couple of times, and he’s unreal as a wide receiver. I’ve seen very few wide receivers who are able to dominate a game like him (another was Larry Fitzgerald of Pitt, who I saw live at some crappy bowl game a few years ago).

JaMarcus Russell was great the few times I got to see him on television, but he’s with the Raiders now so I hope he flames out.

Okay, so I said I don’t care about the draft and now I’ve wasted several paragraphs talking about it. Sorry. If you want to discuss the draft — or anything else — feel free.

Topic for conversation: Brady Quinn is the most over-rated player I’ve seen in college football in a decade or more. If he played for anyone except Notre Dame, he’d be a third rounder. Agree or disagree?