Almost every analyst agrees that there are two pitching prospects who are head and shoulders above everyone else in the minors: our own Homer Bailey and Philip Hughes of the Yankees. Both organizations have been cautious in the development of these guys, and both are making their AAA debuts this season.

Evidently, the Yankees are going to call up Hughes this week.

Hughes is about a month younger than Bailey, and it should be noted that Homer has better numbers this season, and Bailey’s AA numbers were better last year. Scouts say that Hughes has better command and Bailey has better stuff.

Now, I’m not suggesting that the Reds bring up Homer Bailey. However, someone in the comments yesterday made an interesting suggestion to the effect that the Reds should put Bailey in the major league bullpen. The point was that Wayne Krivsky’s Twins experience might make him more likely to do something like that (see Santana, Johann).

I don’t necessarily agree — I like Bailey getting regular starts in AAA to prepare him for the rotation later this year, or next — but I wouldn’t be surprised if Krivsky decided that Bailey’s development would be furthered by facing major league competition. If Hughes succeeds with New York, it might help Reds management make their decision.