From the DDN:

Things have changed, Dayton Dragons manager Donnie Scott was saying prior to Monday’s game, and not in a bad way.

“When I played,” said Scott, “we took batting practice, infield and played the game. Now, we’ve got guys putting in work beginning at 1 p.m.

“And it’s not like we’re asking guys to do this. Everyone’s starting earlier and getting the repetitions. A lot of colleges and even high schools are putting in all the early work, and guys are going to personal trainers.”

Not only are the players putting in the time, the organizations are, too. Some days at Fifth Third Field look like extensions of spring training with the extra work the players put in on fundamentals such as bunting, baserunning and hitting the cut-off man.

“I’m usually the first guy at the park, before noon,” Scott said. “Today I come in about 10 after and (center fielder) Drew Stubbs walks in. I asked him where his shadow (shortstop Chris) Valaika was. He was already here.”

I don’t know if this is normal for minor leaguers, this team, or these guys, but they’re working hard and they’re winning. You have to believe that’s not unrelated.