It’s a repeat of last year. If they don’t get rid of David “Graves” Weathers, I think my head is going to explode.

I fully anticipate Edwin Encarnacion and someone else to be traded for crappy relief pitching within a week or two.

Rather than starting a new thread, I’m just hijacking Chad’s post-game post to link to some really interesting from Rosecrans’ post-game blog:

Also, asked Jerry why Castro [pinch-hitting in the ninth], he seemed peeved at the question. Said he thought he was the best chance to get on base. He didn’t want to use Javy without someone on base. Of course, not using Javy meant no one got on base.

Asked him about Junior, and again he seemed upset with the question, saying Junior wasn’t even in the ballpark. Last I saw Junior he was asleep on the couch in the clubhouse, so I didn’t know. That’s why you ask questions, so you can get answers to things you don’t know.

Postgame 2: So, I had another question. Went down saw Jerry and asked, “Is Conine hurt?” He said, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Conine hasn’t played for the last three days — which is easy to disguise when you’re facing righties all those days. But when you send up Juan Castro to pinch hit instead of Conine, well, that brings it into question. Maybe he wasn’t happy I went down after we all talked to him, and perhaps that is against protocol. But, I made a promise to myself once that I will never be outworked. And I’ve got to be true to myself. That’s what I call playing the game the right way, if you will.