John Fay has a nice story about Aaron Harang and the Reds supporting our military and their families with free tickets, snacks, and the like. (Also notes that John Allen is a Vietnam vet, which surprises me – if nothing else, because I didn’t know he was old enough).

We see a lot of this kind of thing here in San Diego, which is a big Navy and Marine town. Every Sunday, the Padres give a entire section or two’s worth of tickets to Marine recruits from a nearby boot camp. They all march to their seats in uniform, and seem to enjoy the heck out of it. They play the Marine’s Hymn in the middle of one of the innings, and everyone stands and applauds. It’s a very cool thing to see (and it’s also fun to see the drill sergeants have them clean up their area and double-time out of there — when it’s time to go, it’s time to go, regardless of the game situation).

Edited when I remembered that Harang’s a San Diego native.