We give Hal McCoy some grief around here from time to time. He’s an old-school guy, and often slow to accept developments in the way we look at baseball.

However, from the “credit where it’s due” department, Hal McCoy is ahead of the curve when it comes to how the Reds should deal with Eric Milton:

Q I could not agree with you more that the Reds dump Eric Milton and eat the last year of his salary. In business, if a product is a loser you dump it and eat the “sunk cost.” — Bill, Cincinnati

A The Reds would be eating an extremely costly meal, $8.5 million. My contention, though, is they will be paying him whether they dump him or use him, which won’t be conducive to winning if he pitches the way he did the past two years. It wouldn’t cost them much more to add Bobby Livingston at the major-league minimum, and it would lead to more victories if he pitches the way he did in spring training and during his incredible minor-league seasons. Show the fans you’ll do anything necessary (within means). Won’t a winning team bring out more fans and, hence, more money? Economics 160, right? OK, so I flunked Economics 160.

It makes sense, but I’d be surprised if the Reds just cut bait on Milton any time soon.