As I mentioned in the Opening Day post from Chad, my streak of 5 consecutive opening day games came to an end due to “life” getting in the way. Since I was unable to make opening day, I decided to take the family up for opening “weekend” to enjoy a couple of games. I was fortunate enough, or unfortunate enough, to see Friday and Saturday’s games. For those of you who were in attendance at any of the games this past weekend, you understand why I say “unfortunate,” given the frigid weather we had to endure to watch the ball games. But with ample clothing, a couple of blankets, and a wife and 2-year-old son to keep me warm, the weekend was enjoyable.

If you have ever taken a little one to a ball game, you know how hard that can be. Constantly asking for candy, or to get up and roam around, or kicking the seat in front of you…and then enduring evil looks from the guy in front of you. However, I can honestly say that I have been blessed by my son’s conduct at games. My 2-year-old sat through the entire game Friday night, commenting on the ball going “real high”, watching as guys caught the ball followed by the comment “Got It”!, and even getting involved in the “Charge”! chant. He’s been to at least 10 games, and has had a great attitude at the games.

On Saturday, my son enjoyed nap time for 4 innings, but never asked to get up. On that day, though, my props go to the Reds for the hospitality. The time change and weather kept the crowd to a minimum (something around 15,000). Our seats were in section 420, row 2. Not bad seats; great view of the game and scenery. As we were on our way towards the elevator, I was surprised by the Reds employee who thanked us for coming out and asked us to enjoy the game. Probably a first for me at a Reds game.

As we were watching the first inning, another first occurred. An usher walked down to talk to a guy he knew and then made an announcement. Now I spent many of my younger years trying to sneak into better seats, risking the possibility of being escorted back to my seat. This time however, we were INVITED to upgrade our seats!

The usher announced that the lower level would be opened up for anyone who wanted to move down to the lower section. He said our view was just as nice in our section, but we could move down in order to catch a foul ball. I was shocked, to say the least, but took advantage and moved down to about 15 rows behind the Reds dugout. MUCH better seats. On the way out of section 420, the usher even took the time to pat my little one on the head and told him to enjoy his new seats.

Finally, the cold air got to be too much and we left in the 8th inning. On our way out of the stadium, the ticket guys at the front gate even thanked us for coming out and asked us to enjoy our day. Now I’ve been to my share of ballgames — a ton of games, considering I live 4 hours away. Yet, at none of those games can I remember the ushers and Reds staff treating me so nicely at ball games. Not sure how long this attitude has been going on, but I like it! Thank you, Cincinnati Reds, for an enjoyable weekend despite the elements.

Oh yeah, the Reds are 2-0 at games I attend in 2007!