Did you see Adam Dunn’s homer today? Dunn hit it, was mad at himself for getting under it too much, then the wind kept blowing it…until it settled into Pirates’ RF Xavier Nady’s glove. At which point, of course, it popped out of Nady’s glove and over the fence.

They estimated the distance at 369 feet. The fence is 370 feet from home plate.

From the Enquirer:

“I couldn’t believe it hit right in the middle and just shot right out,” Nady said. “It kept drifting. That’s no excuse. It was still there right inn the middle of my glove. I’ve got to make that play.”

Nady yanked off his glove, dropped his head and put his hands on his hips in disbelief while Dunn rounded the bases. Dunn broke into a smile when he reached the dugout and was congratulated by teammates.

“The wind took it a lot farther than I thought it would,” Dunn said of his third homer. “I owe him some beers. It doesn’t happen every day.”

However it happened, the Reds picked up a nice win today in a game where Aaron Harang didn’t have his best stuff. The Reds have now won the first two series’ of the year, and that’s always nice.

If it doesn’t warm up soon, however, I don’t know what we’re going to do:

The game was switched to an afternoon start instead of a nighttime first pitch because of the cold. Fans were bundled in parkas and Bengals blankets, and the thump of gloves slapping in unison filled the ballpark whenever the Reds got a hit.

“Let It Snow” played over the public address system when flurries started in the second inning.

It was 30 degrees at the first pitch – colder than the kickoff for any Bengals home game last season – and fly balls cavorted with gusting winds that reached 25 mph.

“Miserable,” summed up Dunn, a Texan who hates cold weather.

The win wasn’t miserable, though. I’ll take about 90 more of those.