What an interesting story. Here’s another aspiring Red that I can’t help but root for:

Two batters were due up ahead of him, but Carson Kainer had a batting helmet on and a bat in his hands. That is how eagerly Kainer awaited his first intrasquad game at-bat as a Cincinnati Reds minor leaguer, his first walk to the plate in more than nine months.

Carson, playing for the Reds this spring, collected his first hit and R.B.I. on March 23.

His red uniform top and white pants hid the fist-sized lump on his right hip and the surgical scar across his abdomen. Occasionally, Kainer said, another player notices the scar and asks about it. Then he shares his remarkable story.

Last Sept. 12, Kainer had a kidney transplant. His father, Ron, was the donor. Kainer, 22, is believed to be the first person to play professional baseball with a transplanted kidney. One would never know it by looking at Kainer, a strapping 6-foot-1 outfielder with a blacksmith’s thick forearms.

Kainer was the Reds’ 14th pick in last year’s draft. Here’s hoping he has some success this season.