Since we had a day game, I decided to wait until later to take a trip around the Reds blogosphere:

–JinAZ has this tremendous post that takes a look back at the Reds’ fielding in 2006. It’s an interesting topic to me, given that so much has been made of GM Wayne Krivsky’s desire to improve the defense.

On a related note, after watching Alex Gonzalez for two games at shortstop, I’m duly impressed by his fielding skills…and completely disgusted at his lack of plate discipline. But he can, as Marty would say, pick it out there in the field.

–Cvail has a nice recap of his trip to Wednesday’s game at GAB, with pictures.

Doug is ecstatic that the minor league season opens today. I’m pretty excited myself. I’m looking forward to seeing how Homer Bailey and Jay Bruce do, and I’m rooting for Bo Lanier and Logan Parker, as well.

–Wow, Dmitri Young has put on some weight since he left the Reds.

–Another gem from JinAZ: were Adam Dunn’s homer rates depressed in 2006? (My hope is that, if I continue to praise JinAZ, he’ll come blog with us over here at Redleg Nation. 🙂 He does an outstanding job.)

–Over at Redus and Weep, T-Bone (Koko?) has a review of the Findlay Market Opening Day parade. I have to agree with this sentiment:

Nothing says Opening Day in Cincinnati like a historic monster fire truck with Eric Davis in it.