Taking a cruise around the Reds blogosphere, I’m constantly astounded by the quality of bloggers. Here are some reflections on yesterday’s Opening Day:

–Daedalus expected the lights to explode.

–Red Hot Mama has a classic Opening Day podcast.

— JinAZ has some thoughts, including this one:

Pretty neat to see the standing ovation for Hamilton. That was an amazing moment and really made me proud to be from Cincinnati. I can only imagine what it must have been like for those of you who were there. I wonder whether someone with his history would have gotten this kind of reception 20 years ago.

I was there, of course, and it was certainly a special moment. Everyone got caught up in the emotion there. I can only hope and pray that Hamilton will keep taking it a day at a time and be successful in his battle to stay sober.

–Timmy at Redus and Weep says that Opening Day is the new Father’s Day, and he emphasizes the point with a sweet artist’s rendering. Don’t miss it.

–We Heart the Reds got a “crazy amount of joy” out of yesterday’s win.

–cvail will be there for Bronson Arroyo’s debut on Wednesday, but he enjoyed this one.

— Yes, Doc, it did turn out to be the greatest day of the year.

What a day! Let’s hope they’re all like that.


What the heck, let’s see what the Dead Tree-osphere is saying this morning as well:

–Wow, Adam Dunn is getting some love from the Cincy papers. For the first time. Here’s the Enquirer and the Post.

–If you watched on television or listened on the radio, you may have seen and heard Pete Rose. I’m surprised that MLB let Rose go on the air.

At the stadium, my friends and I were very surprised that MLB allowed the Reds to introduce Rose and show him on the big screen. You can’t help but think that relations are thawing and that Rose’s reinstatement might be getting nearer — if Rose can just keep his big mouth shut and not say anything else inelegant.

–We’ve already discussed it, but Josh Katzowitz has a good piece on the reception that Josh Hamilton received. Just incredible.

Aaaah, that’s enough of the papers. There is a ton of coverage out there, but it’s all the same. The Reds won, I’m very happy, and that’s all there is to say about that.